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Amplification of Sound

Amplification, as an intervention strategy, has been used for a number of years in schools, particularly in remote and rural communities. While debate for and against the use of amplification continues, many examples of benefits can be found. The four main types of amplification are:

  • ear devices;
  • bone conductor aides;
  • FM systems, and 
  • sound field applications. 

The use of these devices can play an important role in helping children with conductive hearing loss to hear their teachers, class mates and the environmental sounds around them.

The use of amplification is recommended for specific periods during the day such as directed at a whole class-teaching, reading sessions, and listening skills activities.

While amplification is an effective way of assisting children with conductive hearing loss, it shouldn’t be used in isolation.  Amplification must be used in conjunction with other intervention strategies and support services.