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Mat Work & Small Group Work

One of the most the effective intervention strategies for children with conductive hearing loss is mat or small group work with 3 – 4 children.

Mat work or small group work encompasses many elements of the other strategies. In particular mat work and small group work enable the caregiver to:

  • adapt to a specific child’s learning style;
  • use body language and cued articulation to help communicate;
  • check on the child’s comprehension and understanding of what’s been said, and 
  • reinforce the child’s individual skills and self esteem. 

At the same time small group work also provides the child with conductive hearing loss the opportunity or confidence to:

  • communicate freely with the teacher and his or her peers; 
  • seek clarification/instruction on areas of misunderstanding;
  • develop their language skills, and 
  • freely express their feelings or any areas of concern that they might have. 

When working with children with conductive hearing loss, teachers are encouraged to schedule activities which require communication at times where they can structure small group or mat work. This may mean scheduling for times when parents, teacher’s assistants or Indigenous education workers are available to assist.