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Levels of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can vary from mild to profound and requires a professional diagnosis. Below are some guidelines for each stage of hearing loss:

Slight loss

  • Understand conversation at 3m
  • Speech / language development may be affected because of hearing
  • Should understand most classroom discussion
  • A few children may require some degree of amplification

Mild loss

  • Understand conversation at 1 – 1.5m
  • May have delayed speech development
  • May miss up to 50% of class discussion if speaker is not visible
  • May need hearing aid
  • Will need special education attention

Moderate loss

  • Understand conversation at 0.5m
  • Will have difficulty at school
  • Likely to have speech / language delay
  • Will have poor speech clarity
  • Will need hearing aid
  • Will need special education assistance and probably special training for listening
  • Uses vision for additional clues to understand spoken messages

Severe loss

  • May understand speech at 15cm
  • Hears loud environmental sounds
  • Will have delayed speech / language
  • Will need hearing aid
  • Requires auditory training
  • Uses vision for additional cues
  • Speech / language will not develop spontaneously if loss present before 1 year old

Profound loss

  • May only be aware of very loud sounds
  • Speech and language will be defective
  • Will need full time special education assistance
  • Will need amplification (hearing aid / cochlear implant)