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Potential Impact of Conductive Hearing Loss / Otitis Media

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To understand the significance that repeated occurrence CHL/OM in the early years of a child’s life, we need to appreciate that this is also the critical time when the child is developing basic language skills. Language development is influenced by the child’s interaction with other language uses, by the opportunities the child is given to hear and use language and by the child’s emotion in stimulating language rich environment. While debate exists with regard to the overall effect of CHL/OM, it’s generally accepted that occurrence and on-going conductive hearing loss may impact on a child’s learning development in a number of ways. For example the ability of a child to form sound rules, remember sounds in words, and recognise that words which some say are often spelt the same. This may lead to the child experiencing difficulties with language development and learning to read and spell. For example a child may hear the “elephant” one day and the word “effa” the next.