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Screening Tools

All children with a history of conductive hearing loss will have an individual profile of physical, learning, speech, and language difficulties.  The degree of difficulties the child may experience in these areas is dependent on a number of factors including :

  • age of onset;
  • number of occurrences in the first year of life;
  • number of occurrences the child may have within one year;
  • general health of the child;
  • type of medical attention available;
  • length of each occurrence, and
  • the degree of conductive hearing loss experienced during each occurrence.

While a number of assessment tools are currently available,  many of them require an understanding of the complex issues surrounding language development. Others will require training to be able to administer them properly and others maybe gender or culturally bias, particularly when used within Indigenous communities.  However, some screening tools such as the one prepared by the Torres Straight Islander education support unit are easy to use and are applicable across cultures. You can download an example here: