The Dragonfly Story


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Before we look at another area of impact on a child’s education development, lets first summarise the key points from this section.

Research has shown that as many as 30% of children in a classroom may have impaired hearing, in Indigenous children this may be as high as 70%. While much debate still exists on the impact of recurrent Otitis Media, it’s thought that a child’s inability to hear may impact on his or her behaviour.

This may include the child:

  1. Avoiding participating in activities which require the use of effective language and listening skills
  2. Displaying introverted or disruptive behaviour
  3. Feelings of inadequacy or alienation
  4.  Poor attendance at school
  5. Poor Self esteem

Sometimes the child may simply give up.

The next time a child exhibits inconsistent or disruptive behaviour which is out of character, consider using a screening tool and seeking assistance from one of the support agencies in your area. The emotional effects of OM mustn’t be overlooked. Children with persistent conductive hearing loss must be supported and made to feel a worth while member of the community.