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Summary of Language Development

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Conductive Hearing Loss due to Otitis Media will have significant impact on a child’s:

  1. Language
  2. Literacy
  3. Emotional Development

In the case of Indigenous children, cultural issues may compound the difficulties experienced by these children. A child with a history of Conductive Hearing Loss may experience language deficits because he or she is continually using a different input baseĀ  from which to enter rules of language, may miss or not entirely hear sounds, or the child may hear sounds differently from one time to another.

This may cause the child’s learning strategies to become ineffective and disorganised causing delays in:

  1. Maturity of a child’s sound system
  2. Use of complex speech patterns
  3. Understanding language forms

It’s also suggested that children with a history of Conductive Hearing Loss in early infancy will have problems with their listening skills. Children with a history of Conductive Hearing Loss must be given plenty of practice to develop effective listening skills.